Are Divorce Rates Getting Higher

It seems that whenever you watch the news or open a newspaper there can often be a high profile divorce case mentioned - whether it is a celebrity marriage coming to an end after a few months or a wealthy couple who have a vast fortune to try and split between the two of them.  This might give the impression that people are getting divorced left right and centre but the question is; are divorce rates getting higher?

There can be little doubt that divorce rates are much higher now than they were a hundred years ago but in that time we have seen equality for women improve in all aspects of their lives and this has perhaps contributed to the rise.  A divorce can be implemented by the husband or the wife whereas previously it was only possible for the husband to file for a divorce.  Over the last hundred years divorce rates have been going up but they also fluctuate with some years seeing a drop in divorce rates. 

There are numerous reasons why marriages fail and couples end up getting divorced and no two separations are identical.  As attitudes towards divorce have changed, so too have the divorce laws.  Many couples when seeking divorce advice decide to make use of the collaborative law process.  Using the collaborative law process often means that a couple who are divorcing will not need to go to court to reach a settlement.  Collaborative law relies on the couple meeting and discussing things calmly and rationally in order to come to a decision which both sides approve of.  This approach enables the couple to come to an agreement about what constitutes a fair division of their assets and can help to prevent any bitterness or resentment that can come from some court cases.  The agreement will still need to be ratified by a judge but there should be no need for the couple to go through the process of appearing in court to decide an outcome.

The divorce rate does appear to be rising but this might perhaps be due to changing attitudes and how people live their lives.  It used to be the tradition that a couple would marry when they were fairly young and then remain married for the rest of their lives through good times and bad times.  Modern attitudes are somewhat different and it is common for people to have a number of marriages during their life.  If couples experience serious problems in their married life and are unable to come to any reconciliation then they decide that the best approach is to get a divorce so that they can both move on rather than remaining in a marriage which doesn’t work.  Although the divorce rate might be rising it doesn’t mean that those who get divorced end up unhappy and angry towards their former partners; if it is possible to have an amicable divorce and make use of collaborative law then many couples can separate on good terms and get on with their lives whilst remaining friends.

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